How It Works !

Here's How Warranties For Less Works

We realize how important your vehicle is to you, we truly understand and that’s why you can feel confident that Warranties For Less will match you with the most coverage possible for your budget and make sure that you have minimal downtime when a repair is needed. We won’t turn our backs on you when you need us the most.

Request Free Quote

Tell us about your vehicle and the current mileage.

Provide us with some basic information about the vehicle and your estimated monthly driving habits. Fill out our Get A Free Quote form or give us a call at  470-514-5800. After our team reviews your vehicle details, you will then be contacted to go over all of your options and at that time we can answer any questions that you may have.

Personalized Options

We can offer a little or a lot.

Our protection specialists will help you determine your needs in coverage and personalized a plan for your vehicle. We’ll provide several coverage options at different pricing levels for comparison. Together we’ll create a custom service plan that fits your needs and your budget.

Choosing The Right Plan

Don’t just settle for a plan because it’s less money.

Allow us to make suggestions based on your needs, wants and vehicle needs. We have flexibility in terms, so let’s make this work best for you and your vehicle. Getting started is simple and painless. There are no applications, just a little basic information, and you could be covered today. Don’t delay any longer, call us at 470-514-5800 or click the Get A Quote Button and we will call you.

Let us handle your car repair worries.

Relax & Drive On

We’ve heard all sorts of stories about people who’ve paid through the nose when their car broke down. Like you, they couldn’t survive for long without their car, so they made the sacrifice and paid the bill. Now you’ll have the peace of mind knowing Warranties For Less will be there, standing by, to get you back on the road fast and easy.